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Come on, Know How to Overcome Skin Tags Naturally for Pregnant Women

Skin tags or growing flesh is quite disturbing appearance and comfort. This is quite common in pregnant women (pregnant women). Come on, Bumil, know how to naturally deal with skin tags to be free from this disorder. Skin tags are growing flesh formed from blood vessels and collagen in the outer layer of the skin. Generally skin tags have a small size, which is between 1-2 millimeters to 5 cm. Skin tags can appear on any part of the body, but are more often found on the face, neck, armpits and breast folds. Skin tags can be similar in color to pregnant or darker skin colors. Although quite disturbing, skin tags are common during pregnancy and are actually not harmful to the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Skin tags can be caused by increasing hormone levels during pregnancy or increasing the weight of pregnant women. Usually skin tags appear in the second and third trimesters. How to Overcome Skin Tags Naturally when Pregnant Skin tags can be removed with natural treatment
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Understanding the Types and Procedures of Emergency Installation Triages

Emergency Installation Triage is the process of determining or selection of patients who are prioritized to get treatment in the hospital Emergency Room. This determination process is carried out to get the order of treatment according to the level of emergency patients, such as conditions of minor injuries, serious injuries that can be life threatening in a matter of minutes and hours, or have died. Type of Emergency Installation Triage In the Emergency Installation Installation triage system, there are 4 color categories. The four color categories have their respective meanings that are tailored to the patient's condition, namely: 1. The red category Patients in the red category are first priority patients (resuscitation areas) who need immediate help. Criteria for patients who fall into this category are experiencing a critical condition that requires immediate medical attention. 2. Yellow category Patients in the yellow category are the second priority (area of ​​acti

Various Nutrition and Benefits of Freshwater Fish for Health

Fish contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to health. Not only limited to sea fish, you can also get various nutrients and benefits of freshwater fish. Freshwater fish generally live in rivers and lakes. In Indonesia, there are various types of freshwater fish including tilapia, white snapper, freshwater sardine, and catfish. Although awareness to consume fish in Indonesia continues to increase, but it is still relatively low when compared to other countries. In fact, the benefits of freshwater fish or sea water fish, including an important source of nutrients to support body health. Fish meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, selenium, vitamin D and low in saturated fat content. Recognizing the Nutrition Content of Freshwater Fish In Indonesia, freshwater fish is familiar as a daily menu. You can get the nutrition and benefits of freshwater fish through the consumption of fish as follows: Parrot fish For those of you who don't like fish because of